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Business and leadership coaching for lifestyle business owners who want to define success on their own terms.


It's hard to feel seen as a business owner

The people around you never quite understand what goes into your work.

Your friends and former co-workers think you lead the most glamorous life.

Your great aunt still asks at every family gathering when you're going to get a real job.

And even when you hang out with other business owners, there's a nagging feeling that you should be further along. Making more money. Hiring employees. Attracting bigger opportunities.

And if you're honest, it's hard for you to see yourself as a leader, as a business owner, and as a person who has value outside of your business.

But guess what?

I see you.

I see you navigating a level of pressure and responsibility that few people comprehend.

I see you
maintaining the appearance of success on the outside but internally feeling discouraged and unsure.

I see you copying and pasting business strategies designed for people with different personalities, skillsets, and goals than you.

I see you reaching new milestones and realizing that you'll need more support as you journey ahead.

I see you as a person who is more than a business owner, even though that identity often overshadows the others.

What we can accomplish

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to working with me, but my clients move forward in at least one of these areas

Bust through limiting beliefs

Reimagine your business model

Clarify what success means to you

Get accountability

Navigate team dynamics

Develop your leadership style

Build skills and momentum

What it looks like

Working together

I’m your cheerleader, strategist, conduit, question asker, a space holder, mirror, thought partner, and accountability buddy for as long as you’ll have me.

Someone once described me as no-nonsense but nurturing, and I think that’s probably the best way to describe the experience of working together.

I’ll ask you the hard questions and I’ll hype you up.

I’ll dive into the details of your metrics and I’ll dare you to give the wisdom of your body more credit. 

Working together is a left brain, right brain, mind-body connection, whole self kinda deal.

It's not for the faint of heart, but in a fun way, promise!

Core offerings

I've never been one for boxes. Blends are more my thing. The work we'll do together is a mixture of coaching and consulting, both in
real-time and on your own time. I'll lead with my coaching skillset, asking powerful questions that get to the root of the matter. Once coaching has unlocked your priorities and direction, the consultant in me follows up with a boatload of resources, accountability, and strategy.

Clients who get the most out of our work together take full advantage of the Voxer container. Send voice notes, text messages, and links so I can offer high touch support in between our sessions!

One Month

What's included

  • Two, 60 minute sessions
  • Asynchronous coaching and consulting via Voxer
  • 48 business hour reply time

Best for:
when you have a clearly defined topic you want to tackle, when you've got a near-term goal, when you need an extra dose of accountability.


Three Months

What's included

  • Six total coaching sessions
  • A 90 minute kick-off session
  • Bi-weekly, 60 minute coaching calls
  • Asynchronous coaching and consulting via Voxer
  • 48 business hour reply time

Best for: when you want to kickstart a major change, when you're determined to make the most of your quarter, when you have the sustained capacity to dive deep.

$250 in savings

Six Months

What's included

  • Twelve total coaching sessions
  • A 90 minute kick-off session
  • Bi-weekly, 60 minute coaching calls
  • Asynchronous coaching and consulting via Voxer
  • 24 business hour reply time

Best for: when you want someone to hold space for you over the course of a large initiative, when you're pivoting, when you need a witness and mirror as you're leveling up.

$750 in savings

Coaching Mindset meets business Skillset

About me

Well, I literally studied leadership at Vanderbilt because I'm nerdy like that. Don’t check out just yet; I’ve got more than book smarts. I’ve worked in pretty much every kind of company:

A Fortune 500. At a startup as full-time employee #1. At startup owned by a Fortune 500. At a multi-million dollar small business. And, most relevant, I run my own business with multiple brands underneath it: Jubilant. 

It wouldn’t be accurate to say I’ve seen it all, but I have seen and done a whole lot, like:

Launch a Kickstarter that was 260% funded. Write proposals for government contracts. Source suppliers for physical products. Pitch my way onto a Forbes feature and a collaboration with Universal Standard. Speak and facilitate workshops for thousands of people.

On top of my academic background, business experience, and coach training, I'm a fellow bootstrapped business owner and curious human trying to make the most impact (and have the most fun!) I can while I'm here.


They said it best

Towards the end of 2021, I had a deep craving for coaching and support. I was tired of being an entrepreneur "wannabe" and desired crossing the threshold into full-time entrepreneur. I wanted to be able to support myself with a thriving, fun, sustainable, values-aligned business and with Taylor's help I achieved that! I'm still in awe of everything that's unfolded during our first year working together.

With Taylor by my side, I was able to experiment with business ideas with a lens of curiosity rather than shame or fear of failure. Instead of feeling lost and constantly Google searching for answers, I was able to turn to Taylor and process what was on my mind and heart.

Taylor's coaching integrates personal development with business strategy. Taylor doesn't just approach me like a business owner, she approaches me as a human who wants my business to integrate into my personality, lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Her coaching balances logic and structure with intuition and emotional awareness.

She is the definition of IQ meets EQ and an absolute powerhouse to have on your team while you pursue your goals.

- Kasia, founder of

Read more about Kasia's experience here

This might be for you if...

You're ready to experiment and take action. To summarize Maya Angelou, this only works if you do.
You want to trust yourself, your business, and your leadership more fully.
You're willing to let someone peek under the hood of your business.
You're open to possibilities you haven't considered.
You're willing to sit with discomfort.
You like to laugh.

One last thing

Not a business owner? Take a peek at my other coaching container.

Looking for community instead of 1:1 support?
Try the Lifestyle Business League.