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I coach mid-career professionals who can't spend the rest of their career working like this


Is this just how it's going to be?

You whisper to yourself at the end of a day that has you wondering if you’re somehow the lead in a Groundhog’s Day sequel.

Nothing’s wrong, per se.

People actually tell you that you’ve done things right. Your career trajectory is impressive. Title bumps. Promotions. Raises. You’re not sure when it happened, but at some point you stopped worrying about the price of most things.

Life is…good?

It just doesn’t feel the way you dreamed it would, and your pulse quickens whenever you imagine spending the next 20+ years this way:

Saying things will slow down after [insert milestone here]—Spoiler: It never actually slows down for long

Going through the motions in your career while secretly wondering if your work even matters

Not knowing how to answer the question, “So, what do you do for fun?”

Wrestling with insecurity even though you’re not new to this work

Growing more jaded by the day

It doesn't have to be this way

I coach mid-career professionals who can’t keep working like this through a whole-person approach that blends well-being, leadership, and career coaching.


Leadership development

Career planning

What it looks like

Working together

I’m your cheerleader, strategist, conduit, question asker, a space holder, mirror, thought partner, and accountability buddy for as long as you’ll have me.

Someone once described me as no-nonsense but nurturing, and I think that’s probably the best way to describe the experience of working together.

I’ll ask you the hard questions and I’ll hype you up.

I’ll dive into the details of your metrics and I’ll dare you to give the wisdom of your body more credit. 

Working together is a left brain, right brain, mind-body connection, whole self kinda deal.

It's not for the faint of heart, but in a fun way, promise!


I’ve kept this pricing as simple as possible


for four sessions

Sessions expire after six months. I recommend new clients meet at least every other week to start.

Coaching Mindset meets business Skillset

About me

I’ve managed to make a career out of asking powerful questions, making unexpected connections, and having to work diligently at my self-care.

My life’s work is to reconnect people to their inner wisdom. It’s the small role I play in building a world without burnout.

My approach is informed by:  

My academic background at Vanderbilt in Human and Organizational Development with a focus in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

My work experience in and with Fortune 500 organizations, startups, non-profits and small businesses

My training in coaching, facilitation, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and resilience

But my most important qualification is that I continue to do this work myself.


They said it best

I cannot properly express my full gratitude for Taylor Morrison, her coaching style, her grounded energy, and how she's helped me achieve new ways of being in my career and life.

Over the last year and a half, I've been able to do deep work of noticing in my body, expanding my definition and practice of care that I need to sustain the work I want to do and the career I want to build, and Taylor's questions and inquiry have been a key part of those shifts. I wholeheartedly recommend this caring coach for changes you're trying to make and support as you reach for the future you deserve.

- JBL, Development Manager

They said it best

Towards the end of 2021, I had a deep craving for coaching and support. I was tired of being an entrepreneur "wannabe" and desired crossing the threshold into full-time entrepreneur. I wanted to be able to support myself with a thriving, fun, sustainable, values-aligned business and with Taylor's help I achieved that! I'm still in awe of everything that's unfolded during our first year working together.

With Taylor by my side, I was able to experiment with business ideas with a lens of curiosity rather than shame or fear of failure. Instead of feeling lost and constantly Google searching for answers, I was able to turn to Taylor and process what was on my mind and heart.

Taylor's coaching integrates personal development with business strategy. Taylor doesn't just approach me like a business owner, she approaches me as a human who wants my business to integrate into my personality, lifestyle, preferences, and needs. Her coaching balances logic and structure with intuition and emotional awareness.

She is the definition of IQ meets EQ and an absolute powerhouse to have on your team while you pursue your goals.

- Kasia, founder of

Read more about Kasia's experience here

This might be for you if...

You’re ready to experiment and take action. To summarize Maya Angelou, this only works if you do.
You want work to be engaging without it taking over your whole life
You hope to leave the workforce better than you found it
You’re open to possibilities you haven’t considered
You’re ready to feel secure in your leadership
You’re willing to sit with discomfort
You like to laugh

One last thing

I know this price point isn't accessible for everyone.

Here are a couple other options within my business ecosystem:

Get group coaching with me through Begin Within