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Taylor Elyse Morrison


A Q3 Check In

Sep 28, 2020
Taylor Elyse Morrison

A Q3 Check In

As a business owner, I tend to think of my life in quarters. In this episode, I use three questions to reflect on Q3 and invite you to do the same.

You can listen to me share some of my check in questions in episode of Be School.

In this check in, I like to reflect on how my life has changed, where I want to go next and what my main focus is. These are the questions that guide my reflections, and you’re welcome to make them your own: 

  • What’s something that you’ve learned?
  • What’s something that you are in the process of unlearning?
  • What’s a way that you’ve grown?

Things I’ve learned in Q3


I have definitely learned to delegate. I can do a lot of things, but that doesn’t make me the best person for the job. In Q3, I’ve realized I can let some things go and create the structure for someone to support me. 

Delegating is still unfolding for me,  and it hasn’t been easy, especially at the beginning when I can move faster than my team. Letting go is worth it. I have a team that I can trust, and we’re learning together. 

As a result, I have more free time and I am getting to enjoy weekends. Yes, weekends exist! 


This year has been hard for everyone. Personally, I’ve felt kind of uprooted. I have been living in my in-laws’, and the plans that I laid out for 2020 seem like distant dreams. Even in the midst of all the change, I feel a deeper appreciation for my life. 

It’s the little things. Spending time with my relatives, living closer to my parents, and spending time in nature almost every day have had such a healing impact for me. As a result, I can see where I want to go with so much more clarity. I enjoy my work, and I feel grounded. 

Things I was in the process of unlearning in Q3

False assumptions

As a highly sensitive person, I tend to feel everything very deeply. So, getting feedback or even receiving comments about something I’ve said or done used to really impact me. 

In the last months, I started to realize that I am not the main character in other people's lives. Consequently, I’ve gradually stopped making as many assumptions. 

Off-work time

I enjoy working and solving problems. I’m still somewhat of a workaholic, but I am learning to be interested in things outside of work.

For example, I am working less on the weekends or if I am tired. If I need to do some business tasks on weekends, I do them without putting a value judgment on that. I’m not better because I’m working more hours. 

I spend my weekends reading and working on our condo and watching whatever my latest Netlfix obsession is. 


Getting something done quickly is not always necessary. I would have thought of these words as blasphemy in the past.  I love systems and processes, but I am trying to unlearn excessive efficiency. It’s nice to take some time to enjoy the process and focus on details that  I would lose because of the rush. I can give myself a little bit of space and the world won’t stop. 

The ways I’ve grown in Q3

Slower decision making

I have this tendency to want to move quickly, but lately, I am trying to take my time.  I spend more time researching what I need to do in order to implement it in the most aligned way. Instead of rushing, I give myself enough time to reflect on my decisions. 

No, please

As a consequence of the previous learning I am more comfortable saying “no”. When I have more time to sit with decisions, I can say yes or no according to my values. 

I invite you to take this exercise of checking in, and allow yourself to celebrate your inner progress. Think about the ways you’ve changed and evolved in the last three months and celebrate! Surely, there has been movement, whatever small is, you are still moving.

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