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Taylor Elyse Morrison


Essentialism Killed Be School

Mar 29, 2021
Taylor Elyse Morrison

Essentialism Killed Be School

I'll just come right out and say it. This is the second to last episode of Be School. Let's rewind to talk about how I got here.

I started Be School when...

I'd just quit my full time job. I knew that:

  • I loved podcasts
  • I wanted to build up my personal brand
  • I was on a personal development journey that I wanted to share with others

Launching Be School was my best next step. Over the past two years and change, the podcast has evolved. It started as daily episodes, switched to two episodes per week, and ultimately found the flow that exists today.

In that same time frame, I changed. My circumstances changed. I launched Inner Workout and wound down other client work. Be School started to feel like a shoe that didn't quite fit.

Then I read Essentialism...

I'd been meaning to read Essentialism for years, and it finally happened in February. One diagram really stood out to me. The image on the left was how I felt—stretched but not making a ton of progress in any direction.The image on the right was where I wanted to be.

I started to evaluate where I was spending my time and why. With Be School, I couldn't give an answer. I loved podcasting as a medium, but I couldn't define what this podcast was leading towards. I was spending a lot of time and resources on something just because it'd become a part of my routine.

So yes, Be School is ending...

But we're having a graduation first. Episode 360 will be a full-circle moment. We'll chat about resistance and I'll share what I've learned, unlearned, and how I've grown for one last time.

And we're launching a podcast under Inner Workout! The podcast, Inner Warmup, is where your inner work begins. This isn't a self-help podcast. It's self-discovery. Each week, I interview you. Stay tuned for updates!

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