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Taylor Elyse Morrison


Begin Again

Feb 1, 2021
Taylor Elyse Morrison

Begin Again

I love the transition from January to February because it is a clear invitation to begin again. Click in to listen to the full episode or continue reading below.

Despite my best efforts to set goals with intention, I still find myself putting pressure on myself in January, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Maybe you made progress towards your goals in January. Maybe you only took baby steps when you wanted to take a leap forward. Or maybe you got entirely sidetracked. 

No matter what your January looked like, you can always begin again.

I am beggining again in different forms:

  • I’m starting new beginnings when it comes to my relationship to email.
  • I created boundaries that support and sustain me, but I recently found myself returning to habits that don’t serve me.
  • With Inner Workout , I’m beginning again by making pivots and communicating as the company continues to evolve.

Fresh starts can, and should, take on different forms.

Begin again in the same direction

Maybe you’ve broken a bad habit. You’ve found new habits that work, but, for whatever reason, you’ve gotten off track. When you begin again, you’ll keep walking in the same direction.

That’s what I’m doing with email. I don’t need to chart a new course. I simply need to honor the boundaries I’ve already set. 

Begin again in a different direction

Sometimes your internal and external circumstances have changed, and you have to make a shift. Your new beginning should incorporate any new information that you have. 

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