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Taylor Elyse Morrison


New Year, New You?

Jan 1, 2019
Taylor Elyse Morrison

New Year, New You?

Happy New Year!

It only felt right to kick off 2019 with an episode about resolutions and the idea of New Year, New Me. In this episode, I offer up an alternative that might help you set a healthier trajectory for your year.

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Happy New Year, everyone! I feel like it can't be January 1st without me doing an episode really talking about our attitudes as we go into the new year. So I know if you're on Instagram or Facebook, or really anything Internet related, you've probably seen the phrase New Year, new me. And I used to totally be about that, like New Year, new me. I'm gonna do the Whole 30. I'm gonna completely change my life, and not that there's anything wrong from that, but I think there's a way to kind of go a little bit deeper.

So when we start with New Year, new me, we're really starting our New Year's trying to emulate someone else instead of trying to really get to know ourselves and what we need.  I've never actually made a vision board, but from what I've seen of making vision boards, we're literally cutting out pictures of other people and saying this is the life that I want. That's who I'm trying to become over the course of this year. Whatever your time period is for your vision board is. We really don't know all that much about these people. We don't know their motivations where they're coming from, what they're defining success as, if they're even happy in the state that we're aspiring to.

And so this year as it's January 1st time, we've got a clean slate ahead of us. I wonder what it would look like instead of saying New Year, new me to say New Year, know me. And to start from a place of understanding yourself, getting to know how you're defining success and even uncovering what others see in you that you don't see in yourself and seeing how that can color what you're looking for in this next year.

So I'm all about change and growth and moving forward. But I want us to do it, and I'll speak for myself. I want me to do it from a place that's understanding my strengths and weaknesses and what I want instead of just saying, Oh, they're doing that And that looks really successful. Let me go after that. They look like they're really happy. I'm gonna choose their happiness.What I'm defining as bringing me joy what I'm defining as making me feel successful.

So my challenge to you today is to look back at your resolutions if you have them already. And if you don't have them, then you get to start with this point of view and ask yourself with each resolution. Is this something that's based on creating a new me? Or did I create this resolution based on a self knowing end from a place of wanting to grow instead of wanting to completely change who I am?

Have a very happy New Year's Day. I will probably be holed up in sweater on the couch watching Twilight Zone with my husband, and I hope you're doing something that's bringing your just much joy.

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