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Taylor Elyse Morrison


Shouting Into The Void

Mar 14, 2021
Taylor Elyse Morrison

Shouting Into The Void

This episode was inspired by a conversation that I had about the discomfort of starting small.

I was reminded of a little known Bible verse from the book of Zechariah, "Don't despise these small beginnings."

How often do we despise our starting points? We get obsessed with where we're going instead of being engaged with the people and the learnings that are available to us now.

Even the smallest beginning is pretty impressive. Angie Lee frames this so well. What a paradigm shift!

I've been through my fair share of small beginnings—from launching a blog in college, to launching my first business, to launching this very podcast.

It can feel like you're shouting into the void, but as soon as even one person shows up, it becomes a conversation.

Reframe what small means. Engage with who is in front of you now. And, most importantly, allow yourself to enjoy the process.

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