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Taylor Elyse Morrison


Simplified Goal Setting

Dec 28, 2020
Taylor Elyse Morrison

Simplified Goal Setting

After defining success for yourself, reflecting, and creating your mantras and core desired feelings, it’s time to start your goal setting process and actually write down your goals. Since you’ve done so much work upfront, this part should be a breeze. Here are four steps to effective goal-setting. 

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Steps to effective goal setting

Put pen to paper 

I love using digital tools, but there’s nothing like physically writing down your goals. Take pen to paper. Then put your goals wherever else you’d like to add them. Places to consider:

  • Phone/computer background
  • Notes app
  • Passwords, especially if you have to change your password regularly for work 
  • Your mirror 

Be selective

Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals. Narrow in on 3-5. It may sound limiting at first, but you’ll be able to make more progress when you’re focused. 

Cross check

Use your metrics for success, your mantra, and your core desired feelings to filter your goals. Will the goals you’ve outlined bring you closer to your definition of success? Will you be able to work towards them while cultivating your core desired feelings? If the answer isn’t an immediate yes, there’s room for more specificity in your goals. 

Identify your best next step 

What is the smallest possible thing you can do to move in the direction of your goals? Break down your best next step. Gain momentum by taking your best next step today. Write that email. Create a list. Delete an app. Small actions can make a world of difference. 

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