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Taylor Elyse Morrison


Take Your Own Advice

Mar 1, 2021
Taylor Elyse Morrison

Take Your Own Advice

I'm really good at talking about self-care and personal development. I've been sharing my experience and advice for over 350 episodes of Be School.

You know what I'm not so good at? Taking my own advice. I often go to my mom when I'm looking for advice. She's developed this infuriating habit of asking me, "What would you tell your Be School listeners?"

Through that question, she's affirming that I already have access to the answers. She's been doing that since I was a kid. When I was younger and didn't know how to spell a word, my mom would direct me to the dictionary. Now that I've got a little bit more life experience, she points me to the knowledge within.

Think about the advice that you've recently doled out. How can you act on that advice?

  • You encouraged a co-worker to take the rest they need but are you resting?
  • You reminded a friend to set boundaries, but are you maintaining your own?
  • You told your loved one to go for it, but are you taking your own best next steps?

If you're not taking your own advice, ask yourself why that is. Maybe you don't feel like you deserve a break. Maybe you're afraid of what taking your own advice would require.

You are a kind, intelligent human. You're exceptional, but that doesn't make you the exception to your own advice. Assume that there's a way to apply advice to your situation rather than assuming that your advice to others doesn't apply to you.

This week, find a way to take your own advice.

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