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Taylor Elyse Morrison


The Sober Curious Reset

Jan 15, 2021
Taylor Elyse Morrison

The Sober Curious Reset

In this episode of Be School, Ruby Warrington and I talk about sober curiosity, her new book The Sober Curious Reset, and self-discovery. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Ruby wrote Sober Curious in 2018, and it took the world by storm. Suddenly, it felt like everyone was talking about sober curiosity.

I even gave being sober curious a try. For the better part of 2019, I didn’t drink. I didn’t have a “drinking problem.” I simply noticed how I’d bought into the idea that alcohol was a given.

  • Networking event. Let’s get to know each other over complimentary drinks.
  • Girls’ night. Let’s split a bottle.
  • Date night. Let's get fancy cocktails.

I wanted to know what my life could look like without alcohol, and Ruby invites you to consider that question, and many more, in The Sober Curious Reset. 

If you’d like to embark on your own sober curious journey, I highly recommend Ruby’s latest book, The Sober Curious Reset. It’s a 100 day guided journey in sober curiosity.  Buy the book here.

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